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The Law Offices of Richard S. Victor, PLLC takes very seriously the confidential nature of their practice and their clients’ business and personal matters. They safeguard their clients’ privacy in every respect. However, the following individuals have requested to have their comments made known about their experiences with The Law Offices of Richard S. Victor, PLLC and their contact with attorneys Richard and Daniel Victor and their legal assistant Kathy Germaine


"Richard Victor’s professionalism and expertise were of invaluable help and support to me during my divorce process. My intention was to pursue an amicable divorce and Richard was clear in his respect and support of that intent. Richard provided me with answers to my questions, was consistently accessible and available to me, and brought together excellent ancillary professionals that assisted me with financial concerns and future planning. During the entire process, his office staff and his assistant, Kathy Germaine, were welcoming and responsive to my calls and questions in a positive and supportive way. I felt that my divorce was as important to Richard as it was to me, and for his attention to detail, professionalism, and dedication to me as the client, I am indeed grateful to have worked with Richard Victor."

Joni Lipson

"My divorce and subsequent custody situation have been very painful and difficult experiences in my life, and it has been and continues to be very important to have the best attorney representing me. Therefore, I spent a tremendous amount of time and research to select the right firm and the optimal lawyer. Richard Victor was the obvious choice for me because he personifies the very best of family law. He always looks first at the best interests of the child, and he utilizes his excellent judgment and experience to be an invaluable advocate, mentor and friend. I am deeply appreciative of the work he has done (much of it under difficult circumstances to say the least), and I would highly recommend him and his office to anyone in the midst of a divorce or custody dispute."

Vera Muzzillo

"My first attorney was almost incompetent and caused me much heartache. I can honesty say that Richard and Danny Victor turned my case around one hundred eighty degrees in record time. Without Richard and Danny, my son would still be living in Ohio without a court order and he never would have had a chance to have a relationship with his father, grandparents or family members (father side). I now have physical custody of my son. He now has a relationship with both of his parents, both grandparents and both family members. I consider Richard and Danny a member of my family."

Gary Nishon

"I initially sought a firm which was pre-eminent in child custody rights for my divorce. Consequently, and after significant research, I chose the Law Office of Richard S. Victor. Since then, I have learned that the lawyers there are very capable of handling complex business, property, and real estate issues, as well as custody and child support matters. The Law Offices of Richard S. Victor, PLLC, is the total package. Both Richard and Daniel Victor are the foremost experts in their field. They have handled my entire divorce with professionalism, while at the same time, advocating for my personal interests and the best interests of my children. As importantly, they have shown extreme personal care throughout the proceedings which is more important than I could have imagined when I originally selected them. Because of the Law Offices of Richard S. Victor I felt protected, informed, and in control of my divorce."

P. Rosenfeld

"Divorce is certainly not to be taken lightly…the journey starts with each partner searching for a lawyer. Some view this search as a search for control – find the one person that can win the emotional, psychological and legal war about to begin. Friends might advise you to meet with the top three lawyers in your area… You have now found a lawyer and find yourself walking into the office of someone you have never met and telling this individual the most intimate details of your marriage. Now keep in mind that this divorce lawyer is now listening to your emotional rollercoaster ride and although well trained in the legal aspects of divorce, he is not equipped to address the emotional aspect that you are experiencing. You have now finished a brief or lengthy description of your marriage and the first item you may hear about is the “success bonus.” Now you ask, “What is a success bonus?” Well, it is an extra fee that some lawyer’s feel they are entitled to if they are successful enough to get either party more than the party though they might receive.

As soon as you hear the words “success bonus” exit the office.

Then run, don’t walk, to the Law offices of Richard S. Victor, PLLC and Richard and Dan Victor.

This is the firm where I found the word “success” meant the ability to absolutely trust my lawyer and his commitment to my case. This is where I found someone who would listen, yet keep me on track with how the divorce legal system worked regarding my case. This is where I found an attorney who was clear, direct and as effective as the instruction I gave to him regarding the non-confrontational settlement process that I wanted to pursue.

Richard and Dan Victor were my advocates. They explained a clear and simple fee schedule. They understood my concerns and I felt they could present them well on my behalf. They explained that the more conflict ridden a marriage is the more contentious the divorce. Then throw in money and kids, and you have the makings for a real mess and at the very least some dicey issues that are going to be difficult to resolve. So, my attorney’s advice was to keep emotion out of the process. Heeding his advise, I found at the end of the process that I walked away with a clear, fair settlement and a divorce that did not turn into a battle that would prevent friendship between both parties for the future."

Sherry Hass

It has been both an honor and a pleasure to work with Richard and Daniel Victor. As a psychologist familiar with the painful experiences that a divorce can bring to parents and children, I am always inspired and impressed by the professionalism of these gentlemen. They do everything in their power to make the divorce process as amicable as possible, while insuring that the needs of their clients are respected. Richard and Daniel are able to focus on the best interests of children and to guide their clients to do the same. When emotions are running high, they bring a calm and measured approach that makes their clients feel supported and understood. In addition, both Richard and Daniel devote a significant amount of their personal time to educating parents about the need to shelter children from the inevitable conflict that a divorce can bring. It is my strong recommendation that any individual wanting excellent representation that is focused on the needs of children should contact Richard or Daniel Victor for their professional expertise.

Alison R. Willett, R.N., Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Richard Victor has been an expert in the area of family law for years and has been actively involved in making the system work better whether with the SMILE program or grandparents rights. As a family therapist, it is important to me, that an attorney understand and respect the needs of children and families and Mr. Victor understands and promotes the importance of family connections. Richard still takes time out of his busy schedule to talk (as a volunteer) at the SMILE program. Mr. Victor understands the need for families to come out of a divorce with the least amount of damage possible for the sake of the children. He certainly knows the law but is also very respectful of and upfront with clients. I would not hesitate to refer a client to Richard Victor.

Dr. Judy Margerum

Divorce Attorney Oakland County Michigan

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